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The i-MiEV is Mitsubishi's first foray into the North American all-electric powered vehicle market.

The i-MiEV utilizes an electric motor, lithium-ion battery pack and rear-wheel drive. The electric motor produces 66-hp and the batteries store enough energy for an EPA rated driving range of 62 miles per charge. Available interior appointments include seating for four, a navigation system, air conditioning, heated driver seat, power windows/mirrors/door locks, and more. Standard safety features include anti-lock brakes with brake assist, stability and traction control, tire pressure monitoring system, side and side curtain airbags.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is all-new for 2012.

Quick Quotes
As with most electric powertrains, acceleration is very good as peak torque is available on command from a dead stop.
- Automobile, CarsDirect
...the 2012 Mitsubishi i [is] a subcompact that Mitsubishi is positioning as the value-priced choice for an all-electric car.
-, CarsDirect
The i isn't as quick off the line as the Leaf, though it does pick up the pace notably after passing 20 mph. The braking feels pretty good overall, but not as natural as the Leaf's, which itself doesn't quite match a regular car....the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf we own are nothing like the dinky, glorified golf carts people tend to envision when they think of electric cars. Far from it, in fact. The i, on the other hand - it's no golf cart, but it definitely feels dinkier and less refined.
-, CarsDirect

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Full Review

New all-electric commuter car.


The 2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicle was designed to allow a driving experience not much different from that of a regular car.The Mitsubishi i is an all-electric car, so there's no reason to stop at a gas station.Instead, you plug it into an outlet to charge it.

After spending a week in one, we found the Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicle doesn't function in any way that's significantly different from a conventional car, other than the distance you can travel before having to recharge the batteries.Its range between charges is 62 miles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.The EPA rated the Mitsubishi i the most fuel efficient vehicle in 2012.

Starting at $29,125, the Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicle, also known as the MiEV, is the least expensive electric car from a major manufacturer.By comparison, the Nissan Leaf retails for $32,780, but it comes standard with navigation.The Leaf SL with a quick charge port, upgraded upholstery and other features lists for $33,720.A similarly equipped Mitsubishi i SE with the Premium Package retails for $33,915.Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are available for buyers of electric vehicles such as the Mitsubishi i, and some states offer credits.

To start the Mitsubishi i, you insert a key into the steering wheel stalk as with a conventional car.Since it's only got electric power, you have to remind yourself, as we did, that there's no engine noise to listen for.Instead, you look for a Ready indicator light to be illuminated within the instrument panel.You also want to look for a number amongst the instrument panel's LED gauges, that being the one farthest to the right.It gives you one number and it's the miles left before you have entirely depleted the lithium-ion battery pack.

A 16 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack will take you a distance of up to 62 miles when fully charged, according to the EPA.There's a line-graph style gauge that shows the charge similar to a thermometer's setting.When you use the defroster or air-conditioning, it affects the range.

The MiEV, for Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicle, comes with a remote device that allows communication with the various vehicle functions.For example, the indicator will light up during charging of the batteries; it blinks when the manual charging is pressed.You can also set the climate control (A/C, heater and defrost) remotely, actuating a pre-defroster mode and turning the air-conditioner off.It's just one example of the fact that this automobile requires that its owners become more involved with it than people have been with more conventional cars.

Charging has four elements, in any case: a charge port that is under a flap just like that for a gasoline-powered car; a charge connector; and finally, a charging source.Using a 110-volt outlet, estimated time for a complete charge, after the batteries have been exhausted, is about 22 hours.Using a 240-volt outlet reduces the charging time to about 6 hours.A quick charge, with a public charging station, is about 30 minutes for an 80 percent charge.(The 12-volt starter battery will be automatically charged, during the charging process for the main-drive lithium-ion battery pack.)

The shift lever can be set at one of three settings: D, for Drive, which allows 100 percent torque in response to the driver's foot on the accelerator; Eco, which reduces the rate of battery consumption to maximize range; and B, which increases regenerative braking (charging the batteries every time you set on the brake pedal).

Step off from a standing start and you've got full torque, 145 pound-feet, right away.It's what comes with driving an electric car.Acceleration feels brisk and no different than what you'd experience in any compact car.However, it reportedly takes 15 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph in the Mitsubishi i, making it one of the slowest cars available for sale in the U.S.

Take it onto the freeway, cruise at 60 miles-per-hour and the energy consumption rate is no different than cruising at lower speeds.It's very quiet, and the sound of air slipping by is the only noise you'll hear.
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